News/Gun Bits …

Yeah. This person knows what they are talking about…Not!



I expect nothing less. Gotta fit the narrative..

Gun Control Advocates And Cherry-Picking Statistics


‘Anti-Violence’ Organizer Pleading Out on Gun Charge Reminiscent of Others


Wonder how many guns he has protecting his butt..??

‘Weaponized Wealth’: Bloomberg Group to Spend $60M on Elections


Request Filed with DOJ for Any Record of Second Amendment Statements of Interest


Sounds like they do want civil war…

THIS Should Scare the Hell Out of Every American: Democrats Promise to Persecute Trump Supporters if They Take White House… AND THEY MEAN IT!


Feeling an ‘urge’??

Maybe as Limbaugh said it’s a case of diarrhea…

Hillary Clinton Feeling the ‘Urge’ to Run for POTUS, & Defeat President Trump In November



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