News/Gun Bits ….

A friend told me that by carrying hollow points in my concealed carry weapon, I would be more likely to face criminal charges if I ever needed to defend myself. Is this true?



Why doesn’t the USA send the military to go house to house to confiscate guns?

Oh certain laws prohibit that. Not that our politicians, especially those that wish Americans be disarmed, would follow them.

But it would not end well, for either side.


Pelosi Defies Senate’s Authority, Says Even if Senate Votes To Acquit, Trump Won’t Actually Be Acquitted

Demented, dementia, crazy or just plain ignorant?


Draconian, ignore the people politicians…

Virginia House Passes Slate of Anti-Gun Measures, Including Universal Background Checks


Speaking the truth…And he is a Democrat…

Delaware Senator Refuses to Apologize for Saying Gun Control Could Cause Another Holocaust


Ignorant little ass….

David Hogg Tweets Bizarre Claim That ‘Indigenous LGBTQ Women’ Started Gun-Control Movement in 1800’s


So much for the Super Bowl..Just play football and leave the politics out!!!

Bloomberg’s $10M Super Bowl Ad Focuses on Top Priority: Gun Control

Especially from tyrants..


‘A God incident’: Gun owner ‘felt at peace,’ didn’t shoot after intruder broke into his vehicle. Turns out it’s a former Hollywood actor.


So you are a lying gun grabber? Shocking…

Virginia: Threat Against Anti-Gun Activist Is An Alleged Hoax


Giffords Flack Accusing 2A Defenders of Lying Shows Much about His Own Truthfulness




2 thoughts on “News/Gun Bits ….

  1. kamas716 January 31, 2020 / 1:10 pm

    DAFUQUE is Pelosi going on about, “a tie”?

    “I would hope that the Senators, if it comes to a tie, or if there’s a question of hearing testimony or receiving documents, would leave it up to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court – Republican‑appointed, in a Republican majority court.

    “I would think that they would have confidence in the Chief Justice of the United States. That’s really his title. And that’s interesting to me — that they’re afraid of breaking a tie with a Chief Justice of the United States.”

    They either have 67 votes to remove him or not. It’s not a simple majority rules thing.

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