News/Gun Bits….

Probably, along with violating our Rights…

Besides if such happened, only the Government and the very rich would own them. We would be screwed…

Can you say ‘Subject’, ‘Serf” ‘Peon’?

Would it be unconstitutional to impose massive taxes for buying guns in order to make them unaffordable for most people?


I wouldn’t.

What would you do if all guns were banned in the USA and you were a gun owner and a federal law required that you turn in your guns or be arrested and prosecuted?




Screw that nonsense!!

A gun!!

If you had to carry a pocket-sized weapon other than a knife or a gun, what would it be?


No we don’t…Checks and Balances?

Have you been paying attention???

To our overreaching Government? At all levels??

To those nasty sumbitches whom want to control your life?

All of it!!

Can the basis of the Second Amendment, which is the fear of the rise of the government tyranny, be deemed exaggerated in the 21st century given that we have so many checks and balances in the system?


What three things do the NRA not want us to know?


Lies, Damn Lies and Media Bias

Is there anything else from the media..


This is so wrong….

All six Democrat senators running for president in 2020 vote against bill to ban infanticide




One thought on “News/Gun Bits….

  1. kamas716 February 2, 2020 / 5:58 pm

    pocket weapon? is a bottle of gel caps filled with ricin off the table? not really a distance weapon, but could be effective up close and personal.

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