2 thoughts on “Monday Memes …

  1. Glenda T. Goode February 10, 2020 / 9:08 am

    One of the few truly financially rewarding careers out there that requires you actually do not have to accomplish anything is being a politician. As stated in this post, this is why Trump angers the deep state so much.

    Trump’s wealth and success has been built in a career of getting things done and not only that but done well. He has created wealth not just for himself but for many many others too. Trump has had deadlines for construction and benchmarks to meet in terms of profitability that would make most folks faint.

    Contrast this with a Chuck Schumer who has really never built or created anything of value. His only skill is that he can seem to care about his electorate. He costs the people money along with his staff, offices and anything he can justify putting on his expense account which is paid by the government a.k.a. the people. He can organize a campaign, run with other’s money, in order to be re-elected. he can spend other people’s money on programs to nurture his re-elect ability but no where has Chuck Schumer created any profit or wealth other than confiscating it from rich people and giving it to the poor. All of his actions as a Senator destroy wealth. The cannot create it.

    If you think about it, practically all jobs in the private sector require performance and measures of production of some sort or another. Typically most people work to accomplish a goal of tangible results or production. The laborer has a construction deadline to meet. The retailer has various tasks and responsibilities to comply with. Service people have appointments to keep and in all of these profitability is important. That is producing more than you cost in terms of time and materials.

    So, we have a president who actively is creating personal wealth for his electorate and in the process making the entire political establishment look like grifters who are fleecing the pockets of the same electorate. Who would you vote for?

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