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In Episode #53 of the Minnesota Gun Report Podcast:


Why are there still many people in the U.S. that don’t want to reform the gun laws?

How do you answer such a question?? There supposedly is no such thing as a dumb question…But anti-gun advocates push that envelope..


To LEOs, what do you think of the pro-gun argument “I may find myself in a situation where I can’t wait for the police to respond”?

This is why,,

The average response time to a 9–11 call nationally is 18 minutes.

The average defensive situation (public attack) is over in under 30 seconds.

The average home invasion is over in under 4 minutes.


They locked it down because they are part of it????

EXCLUSIVE: Feds Lock Down a Dangerous Lawsuit that Threatens To Expose The Clinton Foundation in One of The Biggest Public Thefts in U.S. History


Of course she has.

If she wants any chance, slim as it is, to win the Democratic nomination, she must toe the radical Left’s line!!

Amy Klobuchar Has Flip-Flopped on Immigration


Should we expect more of this, with the continued antics of the anti gun politicians working hard to take our Rights and Freedoms away??

More than 500 sign up for Bedford Virginia Militia at Saturday’s muster call..


Well imagine this…

“Survivors of Church Shootings Run as Gun-Rights Candidates: Three men in Texas are seeking public office in March’s Republican primaries”


Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update for February 17, 2020



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