Pandemics, Civil Order, and Gun Control

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About 10 years ago, when Europe was in the midst of fiscal crisis, advocates for welfare spending rioted in some nations.

Given the continent’s grim long-run outlook, that got me thinking about the potential for a future breakdown of civil order and I wrote that it was tragic that most people in Europe didn’t have the right to own guns for self-protection.

Which led to this interview with NRA TV.

Today, the big concern is coronavirus rather than a future collapse of the welfare state

But it does raise the same issue of how to protect yourself and your family if there’s a breakdown or erosion of civil order.

I don’t think that’s imminent, but these headlines are somewhat worrisome.

We’ll start with an example from CNN that’s relatively benign.

But we then learn that the changes involve lack of enforcement and releasing crooks.

From MSN.


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2 thoughts on “Pandemics, Civil Order, and Gun Control

  1. Glenda T. Goode March 18, 2020 / 10:04 am

    If you ever needed proof that it is an US versus Them reality as it applies to ‘government’ and the citizens, well, here you go.

    Just when society will need more support from Law Enforcement they elect to take a ‘Bye’ strictly to protect their own asses.

    If you do not fear that the same law enforcement would put a bullet in your brain rather than risk your doing anything that might hurt them you should.

    I am not suggesting that all law enforcement are like this but face the fact that the typical law enforcement official is healthy and not likely to suffer any ill effects from the Coronavirus. Further, the job they hold requires they interact with the public constantly so they are automatically at higher risk.

    “To Protect and Serve” was the slogan on the door of the Police cruiser on Adam-12 but I think we have left that notion behind.

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