Gun Bits ..

Got guns?

Hold onto them!!

California: Los Angeles Sheriff Orders Gun Stores to Shut Down

Denver Mayor Exempts Alcohol Stores and Marijuana Dispensaries, not Gun Stores

North Carolina: Wake Co. Sheriff Suspends Pistol Permit Issuance

PA: Sheriffs Refusing to Process Concealed Carry Permits

The Thing About Gun Sales and the Pandemic



CA Gun Stores Staying Open Despite “Non-Essential” Classification


NRA: Coronavirus Lockdowns Show Danger of Waiting Periods on Gun Purchases

The Democrats’ pet gun controls — waiting periods, universal background checks, etc. — are pushed again and again as common sense, “reasonable” solutions to keep guns out of the wrong hands. When the NRA and other gun rights groups push back, citing the opportunity for tyranny, they are shamed with accusations of being pawns of the gun industry.


In Praise of Private Sales During a Time of Panic

There are a few states where private sales have been effectively banned. If you have to ask a government agent for permission to buy or sell a gun, you live in a system at the edge of tyranny.


What is the most effective way to get results about gun control?

Leave the guns alone.

Would be a start.

You want my guns, tells me you want tyranny, won’t have it!!


Baker’s Dozen (TM) reasons to be armed during the Coronavirus panic

The first one is reason enough!!

Hundreds, even thousands of convicts and accused criminals awaiting trial are being released from jails and prisons around the Fifty States. They often have but one way of making a living: preying on the week. Often violently.


Americans Want Firearms: Gun Background Checks up Over 300 %






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