Gun Bits ….

Map Shows States That Have Shuttered Gun Stores


Ammo Makers, Gun Manufacturers Issue Statements Responding to COVID-19 Crisis

Ammunition manufacturers and gun makers issued statements this week assuring customers that they’re working around the clock to fill orders and asking for patience as they deal with the tsunami of customer demand and the forced closure of their factories.



New York Suspends Pistol Permitting, Shuts Down Remington in Response to COVID-19

Kimber Forced to Halt Ops Due to Cuomo COVID-19 Order

Maine: Gun Stores Being Shut Down

New Jersey, New York. What the hell is the difference…

NJ Gov. Issues Exec Order to CLOSE Gun Stores and End Background Check System

Disarmed, again. This shithead can’t make up his mind!!

California: Los Angeles Sheriff Reverses Course Again and Orders Gun Stores to Close to the Public!

More of the same..

New Mexico: Governor Wastes Law Enforcement Resources to Ensure Gun Stores are Shuttered

Do a little research and see where they fall in crime statistics…Hint: Now Mexico is the worst…


Be good sheeple…

Salon Writer: ‘The Last Thing Anyone Should Be Doing… Is Buy A Gun’

Ignore the fact that they are emptying prisons and jails..

And the Police are not responding to low level crimes…

Buy a gun…


How about all the time???

Truckers Call for Second Amendment Right Nationwide During Emergency


A glimmer of commonsense..

‘Suspend enforcement’: Georgia lawmaker wants to loosen gun control laws amid coronavirus outbreak


Some Don’t Think Your Rights Are “Essential”

And these people are why we need the 2nd Amendment..



3 thoughts on “Gun Bits ….

  1. mobiuswolf March 27, 2020 / 8:27 am

    If you waited until now to buy a gun, you are buying an illusion of self-defense.

    I’m surprised they don’t just keep them open to infect more gun owners.

    • MaddMedic March 27, 2020 / 11:34 am

      You got that right!!

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