Ridiculous ….

Is this guy a complete moron?

What did he expect??

Shocked De Blasio Says It’s ‘Unconscionable’ That Inmates Freed Over COVID-19 Fears Are Committing More Crimes Upon Release


How do these idiots get elected??


Michigan Governor Compares Tackling ‘Hate Speech’ to Fighting in World War II in Letter to Zuckerberg

More from Michigan Moron..

Michigan Gov Whitmer Wants To Extend Lockdown To Punish Protestors



AOC Cheers Destruction Of U.S. Energy Industry, Jobs: ‘You Absolutely Love To See It’


Hate speech….

Kamala:’Republicans Are Savages And Should Be Treated As Such’


Democrats…Name calling and insults are what they do best..

Joe Biden Calls Trump Supporters the “Dregs of Society”


Joy Bayhard….Such a compliant liberal shrill…

Joy Behar Thinks Gun-Carrying Protestors Are “Terrorists”


Backs or pays them??

I’m betting bribes….

China Backs Democratic Resistance to President Trump

Democrats hate America…





3 thoughts on “Ridiculous ….

  1. Thomas Moore April 21, 2020 / 1:01 pm

    Your very first sentence asks a question = yes, he is. I have a long time ago been to both jail and prison and ya know who’s in there? Criminals. Many a great many pretty wicked ones. No evil genius’s though. Just fool violent wicked criminals who have zero thought to injury or murder and rape of others. It’s a turn-on for them. Anyone who does not know that for a fact is, really, a moron.

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