Gun Bits ….


Another ploy to stop and arrest citizens?

Illinois State Police Clarify That CCL Holders Can (Probably) Wear Masks During Pandemic, (Maybe) Avoid 3-Yr Jail Sentence

And why would they need a gun anyway??

Because this…

JAIL BREAK: Illinois Gov. Pritzker oversees release of almost 4000 prison inmates since March 1. See the list…

What could possibly go wrong???


Now why would they want that information??

JPFO: Communist Chinese Stole Your Social Security Number… Gun Info, Next?


Truth…But Oh Canada..

Gun rights advocate says federal ban ‘isn’t going to solve a thing’


Heard about this?

Bits and pieces over the years..

Cuba Moves Into South Africa

Sounds terrible..

Also a strong reason to stay armed…

A government that does/allows this type of crap to happen, deserves bullets..


I hope not…

The whole USA may be “Virginia’ed” on gun laws



Biden set to head most anti-gun ticket ever



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