Ridiculous …

Why is she still in Congress?
Why is she still in America?

Sociopath: Ilhan Omar Just Got Caught Raising Money for a Minnesota Food Store and Pocketing the Cash 


Ilhan Omar’s deleted fundraising tweet sends red flags flying


Heh …

Hours after Pittsburgh dumped sand on skate park, a pile of sand was left at city hall

That’ll teach ’em…


They’ll protect him, with more lies and bullshit..

Obama Panics – President Obama Gives Political Operatives and Media Talking Points to Protect Him…


Yes it is…..


Walmart and Costco are examples of ‘essential services.’ They operate under the direct regulation of the Health Department and any other agency of State and Local government that wants a shot at them.

We must fight for religious freedom—not to be an ‘essential service’, as if we are a retail business. We want State governments to respect the church more than they respect box stores—a lot more.


Screw this. They can fend for themselves, tax their own citizens, don’t drag American taxpayers into their mess..

And here is the ransom demand


The stupid is strong here…

Feminist Author: Electing Biden Is Worth ‘Weakening the Voices of Future Survivors’ of Sexual Assault



Congress Sets Up Taxpayers to Eat $454 Billion of Wall Street’s Losses. Where Is the Outrage?



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