According To Hoyt


So for all this time, the democrats have been about consent, right?

Remember when it was essential that every drunk college boy get his equally drunk date to sign a consent for each stage of the relationship?  Like “I consent to mild groping on the couch while watching net flicks”  or “I consent to inept kissing where you look all over for my lips and kiss my left eyebrow, then my earlobe, and end up doing a good imitation of a cow when you use your tongue to find my lips?” (What? Okay, look, I didn’t go out with him again. Besides, he’s a leftist. They’re not good at this stuff.) Like being a teen/early twenties and dating isn’t difficult enough?

Remember how important it is to keep the mentally ill and drug addicts on every street corner, because they don’t consent to treatment and we don’t have the right…

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