Gun Bits …

How could Red Flag Bills be designed in a way that would satisfy gun rights proponents? It seems clear this needs to be addressed. Would like answers from moderate gun rights proponents, not those who oppose any regulation at all.

They can’t be. They take away Due Process when…

If you are accused, the police come and take your guns.

Lawsuit Challenging Passage Of CO’s Red Flag Bill Dismissed

Any more questions about problematic and unconstitutional Red Flag Laws??

First off it is very difficult to get weapons of war!! Aren’t readily available to the average gun owner and exactly what weapons of war are you asking about?

What is exactly wrong with banning weapons of war? Do you need them to hunt?

DO anti gunners ever think? Or do any research before asking these questions??

NYC’s Oldest Gun Store Closing Its Doors For Good

Thanks to Gov. Cuomo and Mayor De Bloviate

As a 1st Responder, EMT, Medic for 28 years. I’ve seen a lot of suicides..Guns, pills, hanging and most common, death by carbon monoxide. Plus a few chemical suicides. If someone is serious about ending their lives, they’ll do it..Gun not required,

Suicides not Reduced by Laws Restricting Gun Owners

And what will they do when the State comes for their religion?

Bloomberg’s Everytown Recruits Anti-Gun Church Leaders in Voter Turnout

Because they will and these idiots calling themselves pastors will be helpless…


One thought on “Gun Bits …

  1. Glenda T. Goode May 21, 2020 / 9:07 am

    Simply put, Owning a firearm is the Ultimate Expression of personal Freedom.

    Only people dedicated to eliminating citizens’ freedoms would see firearms as a deterrent to their agenda.

    Only people who see the constant push for more government controls as encroachment on Freedoms understand why Firearms are essential to stop government.

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