Gun Bits …

Nanny Bloomberg, spending his money in hopes he can buy what he wants!!!

Bloomberg Gun Control Group Trying To Oust Pro-Gun NM Democrats

Go figure…

Suicides Not Reduced by Laws Restricting Gun Owners


Poor babies…All upset and panties in a wad..

Moms Demand Miffed About Rifle Raffle To Help Small Businesses

Classic is right!!

Classic Guns: Remington Model 760 Series And Other Pump-Actions

Dad had this as his 760  one and only Deer rifle. In .35 Remington.

Accurate, yes..Watched Dad with iron sights pop gallon milk jugs filled with water at 150 yards. That was his normal sight the rifle in routine.

With a scope he was even deadlier. I never could shoot like him, but Dad being a vet and having fought in Korea, plus a farm boy in Northern Minnesota, whom had to put food in the table, he was deadly.

Bought it when I was a wee lad of about 5 or so. I still remember the deer he brought home his first time out with it.

He shot a lot of deer with it. And when he decided it was time, gifted it to my youngest son. And that kid can shoot as well as his Grandfather!!

Great gun, still pristine and at least 60 years old…

Family heirloom I would say..



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