Ridiculous ……

Media, lies and misinformation…

A Baker’s Dozen (TM) examples of media lies and politician worship

Interview with Joe Biden BLEW the Black Vote

Attaboy Joey!!!

More from Joey!!

Biden: 1 thing people in jail have in common is they “can’t read”

Could be satire…But it’s not!!

Would you expect anything else from the Clown News Network?

CNN downplays Biden’s ‘you ain’t black’ comments, avoids on-air coverage throughout the day

Joey is the best thing to happen for Minorities…

Herschel Walker Blasts Biden for Comments on Black Voters: ‘You Don’t Determine Who We Vote For’

CNN, we report only what we want you to hear..Or what our Liberal Overlords tell us to report..

CNN Was Used to Spread Lies And They’re Just Fine with That

Governors wanting to be Tyrants…And doing very well at it!!

Illinois governor says churches may stay closed for a year or more

But Big Box shopping with hundreds of other folks is okay….What a asswipe J.B. Pritzker is.

And then there is Queen Bitch from Michigan..

Gov. Whitmer Extends Michigan’s Stay-at-Home Order Again

Another solid Democrat Governor…..

FascistBook censors again…

Facebook restricts Conservative education org, alleges ‘repeated sharing of false news’

Apparently does not meet FascistBook’s standards. Whatever those are…

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany: Media “desperately wants to see churches stay closed”

“Boy, it’s interesting to be in a room that desperately wants to seem to see these churches and houses of worship stay closed.”


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