Ridiculous …..

Freedom’s lost…

What an excuse!

IN 2020, the threatened (predicted) claims of 1/10 of one percent (1 in a thousand) Americans was sufficient excuse for 31 of the Fifty States to take away the constitutionally-protected right of freedom of expression and exercise of religion. And to deny people the right to travel or even leave their homes without some “justification” to do so, in forty-three of the Fifty States, in essence taking away the right of freedom of assembly.

New York Slime…

N.Y. Times marks Memorial Day by asking ‘Why does the U.S. military celebrate white supremacy?’

Well this makes sense…..Benghazi Bitch…

Wuhan Virus Watch: Hillary Thanks Cuomo for Making ‘Decisions to Keep People Safe’ – Despite Staggering Nursing Home Deaths


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