Anything Government can do for You…

The Writer in Black

…it can do to you.


I have been saying that for years.

Now, with the ongoing riots all across the country, the President has suggested using the military to quell the riots.  And, as a result, certain people are outraged.  This, they claim, is a clear demonstration that we are now a dictatorship.

Never mind that if we were actually a dictatorship those people would already be in a camp.

It’s not like the government has never used the military (both National Guard and regular troops) to keep peace and order in trying times in the past even in the “modern era”.  From enforcing desegregation orders in the 50’s and 60’s to quelling riots (exactly the circumstance now) the guard and the military have been used to keep or restore order in the US.

Going further back we have various actual rebellions:  the Whiskey Rebellion, Fries’ Rebellion, John Brown’s attack…

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