Gun Bits ….


And of course the Feds want to be able to access these records if they ever need to come talk to you…..

The ATF has been warning FFLs across the country to “be vigilant” in these turbulent times so as to prevent the theft of two important items: guns, and their federally-mandated records. The loss of one could have tragic circumstances for all of us. Loss of the other could cause the dealer a significant amount of trouble. It could also put them out of business.

If you need another reason to buy a gun and protect what’s yours….Here it is…

Atlanta Gun Store Robbed During Protests, Police Called But Couldn’t Get There In Time

See above..Police ain’t gonna do squat, except draw chalk lines and investigate..

Mayor Gollum is an idiot…

Chicago Mayor to Gun Owners: ‘Do Not Take Matters Into Your Own Hands. Call the Police’

But as you may have noticed, the media will pick and choose whom they put in a ‘photo’. White Men Bad!!

Americans of All Races Take Up Arms to Defend Against Violent Rioters, Looters

The media will never give you the whole story…And some of you morons buy their bullshit..

In Kalifornistan, your better off being an illegal, criminal or celebrity…

California Man Who Drew AR-15 on Advancing Mob Arrested, Charged with Assault

Because you peons can’t be protecting yourself!!

And it is celebrated with a festival every year, Defeat of Jesse James Gang..Except in 2020. Cancelled because of the Chinese Virus…

For a historical example, let’s cast our optics back to the year 1876.  On September 7th of that year, a notorious outlaw gang set their sights on the bank in a small town.  That town was Northfield, Minnesota, and the gang was the James-Younger gang, consisting of Cole, Jim and Bob Younger, Frank and Jesse James, Charlie Pitts, Clell Miller and Bill Chadwell.

Rule Five Line Up for Guns Friday

Amid Riots, Gun Sales Skyrocket and Gun Control Logic Evaporates

And you expected something different??


4 thoughts on “Gun Bits ….

  1. Glenda T. Goode June 5, 2020 / 8:02 am

    My visceral reaction is not suitable for posting as I am more of a curmudgeon than I care to admit. I do not see a rampant stream of police violence against citizens as these rioters are claiming, and while I detest the events in Minneapolis that lead up to this current crop of riots I cannot help but compare the current riots to the Antifa riots after Trump was inaugurated. In fact, they seem to be repeats with less restraint than before but from the same people in the same places as we have seen in the past.

    We are teetering on the edge of a very dangerous abyss. While a small portion of our society embraces lawlessness, the vast majority of Americans view law and order and the respect of their fellow citizen’s rights as being essential to a normal and productive society. The open acts of violence, destruction and rebellion are an anathema to decent people.

    The left is a small portion of our society but they have the largest amplifier in the media who create the illusion that the movement against society and Trump is much larger than it is. They rely on ignorance and petty hatreds to fuel this antipathy towards the administration in order to keep pecking at the tree trunk that is our nation fully aware of the fact that if they destroy enough of the foundation, the tree of liberty will topple over. That is actually their goal. Keep in mind, the deep state cabal that tried to oust President Trump is behind this current spate of rioting. They are complicit in the counter insurgency we are seeing on the streets today. These deep state zealots want a socialist society with top down controls on everything and everybody. It is the opposite of what our nation was founded to be.

    With the riots we are seeing the folly of liberal states laws and regulations. We are seeing mobs taking advantage of these inane rules to further intimidate and destroy private property. You will notice that these acts of rebellion do not happen in red state areas (where ever they may exist including inside blue states). They select places where the law will protect them while they destroy private property and cause harm to innocents.

    You cannot defeat zealots with words alone. You cannot defeat these rioters with violence per se, or at least not actions by law enforcement. If the good people of this nation rise up en masse’ and confront these wanton criminals who are merely using the excuse of the death of one man to destroy communities, the good people can prevail and set the standard for proper civil behavior and how to demonstrate healthy and pro-American resolve.

    As a citizen who detests this sort of violence and insurrection, I am stuck in a spot where there is little I can do individually to cause the end of this violence and mayhem. Even so, I do what I can to educate, be informed of current events and pass these along to others and to support those who can provide meaningful resistance to these illegal actions.

  2. kamas716 June 5, 2020 / 4:14 pm

    The media is stoking the fires of violence. Too bad we can’t take their rhetoric to them.

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