Ridiculous ……

The truth will set you free..

Will also piss off those whom don’t want you to hear it…

Terror-Linked CAIR Sues Arizona Community College for Teaching the Truth about Islam and Terrorism

Gun free zones, cop free zones. What could possibly go wrong…???

School Districts Across The Country Move To Cut Contracts With Local Police After Minneapolis Public School Voted to End Its Contract With MPD

Now how would Trump have done this??

New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman: Trump may have cooked the books for strong May jobs report

TDS I guess…

I would have to say, some would say, Oh Hell No!!!

‘We will take over!’: Aussie Muslim leader says riots an “opportunity” for Muslims to seize global leadership and impose Sharia


Defund the Police… Because Climate Change


DailyKos: It’s OK for Climate Alarmists to Make Things Up Out of Thin Air


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