Gun Bits …..Ridiculous Pieces…

Their Back…

Western Rifle Shooters Association

No thanks to WordPress….


U.S. Soccer votes to make kneeling great again

Running around, chasing a white ball. As exciting as Golf or watching grass grow..

Sorry if that offends some….But is my view..

Stay armed..

Democratic House candidate Kim Olson: ‘If people loot, so what? Burn it to the ground’

Protect yourselves from DemocRATs..

Daily dose of media playing stupid and winning…

News Anchors Blame Coronavirus Spikes On Reopening While Ignoring Recent Protests

Play stupid games….

Protester Badly Hurt When Toppled Confederate Statue Lands on His Head: ‘His Skull Was Actually Showing’ 

What? Is it idiot day??

VIDEO: Suspected looters confront armed store owners about ‘why they can’t break into the place’

Defund the police….Riiigghhtt….

Coming To A Blue Neighborhood Near You after They Defund Their Police


They both need …never mind…

Some need to get lives….

Cracker Barrel under attack because it ‘feels’ like a racist place, with a racist name

Because gunowners are not the ones creating this mess…

No, Mother Jones, We Gun Owners Won’t Come To Save You

SO your on your own…

And finally….A Public Service Message…

Please distribute to those wishing this…


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