Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Excuse me? Promoting or inciting violence?? Both!!

US science mag explains how to destroy a ‘statue that you decide you no longer like’

What Freedom? What Constitution..

Seventh Circuit rules Illinois can restrict churches to 10 people

Because of stupid, sensitive, whiny little bitches…

Meet The Police Chief Forced To Step Down After Expressing Support For The 2A

Armed Demonstrators Leave Richmond Mayor With Tough Decision

How Spike In Gun Sales Will Inhibit Anti-Gun Activist Investors

People that don’t have real jobs.

Left-wing activist Shaun King Statues of Jesus Christ should be torn down, ‘form of white supremacy’

Well hell…2 old, white lying, Democrats must be better then one!!! One that’s senile and one that’s stupid…Your choice..

Dems Pressure Biden to Pick ‘Woman-of-Color’ Warren: ‘White Knight’ for the Black-Community 

The dumpster fire that 2020 has been..

Panic 2020: What’s Next?

As do all the current CNN talking heads…

Ex-CNN ‘Reporters’ Now Work for The Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda Outfit: CGTN


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