Governor Newsom’s winery will remain open despite new COVID-19 lock down

But of course it will!!!

America's Watchtower

  When the house arrest orders were in full effect we saw a few politicians have their Chris Christie the-beaches-are-shut-for-thee-but-not-for-me moments: New Mexico Governor Grisham decided jewelry was essential for her and devised a scheme to purchase some during her State’s shutdown, Governor Whitmer’s husband had a “do you know who I am” moment when wanted to get his boat in the water over Memorial Day weekend during a lock down, and in California Gavin Newsom was seen violating his own social conditioning rules because he needed to shake hands and kiss babies.

  And speaking of Gavin Newsom, he liked the totalitarian measures and the thought of a government-dependent citizenry so much that he is in the process of doing it again. The Governor has ordered a new lock down which includes restaurants, wineries, and movie theaters.

  You may be thinking to yourself, doesn’t Gavin Newsom own a…

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