Fun and Games With Politics…

A number of years ago, about 2006, I was asked to seek the GOP nomination for the Minnesota House in my district to run against the very leftist Liberal Democrat whom held it at that time.

He and I did not see eye to eye and disagreed on most everything. I pushed so many of his buttons he blocked me on Facebook and Twitter and told me to stop emailing him, which I didn’t.

I did not receive the nomination, but I pushed the person whom won it, took 3 ballot sessions before I conceded, he was the Mayor of small community in the District (Like 1800 population) and I was a relative unknown, not completely as I had worked as a medic in the area for 10 years at that time. So I did know quite a few folks.

The GOP candidate failed miserably, at one point the GOP Chair in our lovely state came to me at our state GOP convention, (I did manage to get picked as a delegate a number of times.) and asked me if I would step forward if needed as they were concerned about their pick. Well he continued to stumble along and again failed.

Fast forward to the next election cycle and again I considered, but we came up with a very strong candidate whom was head and shoulders above the incumbent liberal in office.

I stayed in the background, did a lot of legwork, went after the incumbent again. Got myself noticed and made more then a few liberals very upset with my LTEs and a blog I was running.

Our Candidate won that round, actually crediting the Maddmedic for his assistance and legwork. He won again the next round before moving on.(Went to Texas or some godforsaken place!) Which was quite an achievement considering the liberal majority we had in the district.

I then stepped away as I was getting disgusted with politics.

But I got back in the game when the liberal former Rep came back for reelection. I happened to notice his campaign signs stated ‘reelection’ on them when he had been out of office for 4 years.

Caused quite a stir when I pointed it out and he got spanked by the Campaign Board.

After that I went quiet again, until now. We have another damn liberal whom was elected and now seeking reelection this term.

And I found a ‘discrepancy’ in his bio on his campaign site.

Says he serves as Senior Pastor at UCC church. No he doesn’t!! He did. But not for a while.

And then I noticed on his official House of Representatives site..

Same damn thing.

So I fired off an LTE concerning this discrepancy.Honesty in politics. His career was a politician now? Got a call from a reporter for the local liberal newspaper asking if he could use ‘portions’ of my letter in an article about Lippert.

I said maybe, let me check a few things and get back to you.

Went to the above websites and they had been scrubbed. Sometime between July 6th, 7th and the 9th. The same time I submitted the LTE!!


So I called him back, told him sure, but I wanted my LTE printed in it’s entirety and BTW screenshots were a wonderful thing.

Pretty sure someone notified someone else and had things ‘corrected’.

Like I said, ‘coincidence’?

As a side note I did run for the local School Board years ago, caused much panic as I had developed a bit of a rep as a volunteer at the schools and a pissed off Dad advocating for his son(s).

Came up a bit short on that, not by much…






3 thoughts on “Fun and Games With Politics…

  1. Glenda T. Goode July 10, 2020 / 4:28 pm

    Politics is an ugly business once you get past the local levels. Even in churches it can get nasty. People take things personally when you find legitimate things to criticize them for or embarrass them in their own incompetence. I think that the major requirement for most politicians is a fragile ego.

    It is sad that people get hung up on their image instead of the issues. The best candidate can have wonderful ideas and get beaten at the polls due to the good ole boys network and the resistance to someone ‘new’ getting in on the action.

    I spent enough years in and around government and elected people to understand the ‘marketing’ that goes on as soon as you get out of the local levels. People preen and plan photo ops to continue an image of themselves that is generally not completely accurate and they hide their failings and mistakes and anyone that dare expose them will rue the day they were born. Despite our fervent wish that we stick to the issues, it will always be about the backroom deals and the masks that all of these elected people wear.

    I dabbled at the lowest levels and left after a few years as I did not want to have to ‘play’ the part I was going to have to play to move to the next level.

  2. disturbeddeputy July 11, 2020 / 1:17 pm

    Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:
    Insight on the political game from the Medic. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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