Jacob Frey and His Policy Fellow…

Minneapolis Soy Boy Mayor Jacob Frey and his felon…

Federal gun, drug charges for former policy fellow to Minneapolis Mayor Frey

Background checks?

A former policy fellow for Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is facing federal charges for intent to distribute cocaine and for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Not a first timer either!!

Rolenc is a multi-time felon with prior convictions on two felony counts of drive-by shooting and second-degree assault in connection to a 2011 gang-related shooting where shots were fired at an occupied home and vehicle. Rolenc also has two felony narcotics convictions and a felony conviction for third-degree assault.

And he was helping with what??

Rolenc, 28, was a policy fellow for Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey until his arrest in February. At that time, Rolenc was charged locally in Hennepin County with similar charges. Rolenc had been working in Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s office as a policy fellow on criminal justice reform until his arrest, at which time he was dismissed.


2 thoughts on “Jacob Frey and His Policy Fellow…

  1. GomeznSA July 23, 2020 / 7:28 pm

    In the ‘minds’ of the dems, a person intimately familiar with the criminal justice system – even if he was on the wrong side – is a ‘perfect’ choice for such a position…………….

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