Minnesota Ridiculous …

The so-called Democrat-Farmer-Labor party in Minnesota is proving to be anti-labor..

Mining, logging and tourism is what Northeastern Minnesota survives on. Yet the DFL party, mostly led by those ‘woke’ Progressive Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul) politicians are the ones driving this.

Democrat Effort To Stop Controversial Copper-Nickel Mine Could Also Crush Existing Iron Mines

And of course DFL Governor Walz is managing to destroy a huge industry in Northeast Minnesota..

Northeast Minnesota Has Lost 10,500 Tourism-Related Jobs Since March 16th

In my Congressional District the Rep is Angie Craig, another ‘woke’ progressive whom is who is staunchly pro-choice, anti-gun and blindly obeys Nancy Pelosi. But we have a strong candidate in Tyle Kistner, Conservative whom is going to give her a run for her money.

And I agree with this totally.

Marine Veteran Turned Congressional Candidate Tyler Kistner Slams MLB’s Anthem Kneelers

The DFL party, out of touch with Minnesota…

2 thoughts on “Minnesota Ridiculous …

  1. MN Steel July 26, 2020 / 8:34 pm

    Don’t worry, the third leg of that trifecta is getting kicked out as well.

    Verso shut down their pulp mill in Duluth, with no clarity when (or if) it will start back up or sell it off.

    Want to know the future up here?

    Look to my native U.P.

    At least it doesn’t snow anywhere near as much and tge sun actually shines in the winter.

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