Quick Bits …

Why are many gun owners against registering their guns? How does that hurt them?

Don’t Be a Karen. Be a Becky!

Anti-Policing Group Says Cops Shouldn’t Have Pursued Murder Suspects

Mask Mandate Enforcement Exposes Futility Of Gun-Free Zones

Mark Zuckerberg: If someone says hydroxychloroquine is a cure for COVID, we’ll take it down

Rep. Greg Steube Grills Google CEO Sundar Pichai over Deletion of America’s Frontline Doctors Video

Madonna Censored by Instagram for Posting Video of Frontline Doctors

Here is the video!!

Democrat Liars Are Barely Even Trying to Fool Us Anymore

Fauci Now Pushing People To Wear ‘Goggles’ For The Scamdemic – National File

Norwegian flag removed by bed and breakfast owners after too many upset folks confuse it for Confederate flag

‘It bugs me as far as the stupidity of people’

Anti-Gunner Touts Study As “Proof” Good Guys With Guns Are Fiction


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