Quick Bits ..

Show me where I can buy military grade weapons..

I keep looking in my local Gun Shops for such, but can never find any ‘military’ grade weapons…Other then the occasional Curio and Relic’s like Mosins, Enfields, etc..

Democrats ignore…They want fraud..

Original Research: Why do most countries ban mail-in ballots?: They have seen massive vote fraud problems

Only way they can win..

At Real Clear Politics: Myths the Media Perpetuate About Gun Control

Because they are part of the problem, Progressive Pastors or spineless ones..


Buy bullets…

Police Tell Minnesota Citizens to ‘Be Prepared’ as Two Prisons Close

Thank your so-called ‘Lawmakers’ in St Paul…They continue to fail Minnesotans and don’t seem to give a ratz ass…

I’m trying to find sympathy for them, but they voted the idiots into office that have brought this on…So screw them..

Commentary: The Quality of Life for Citizens in the Democratic-Run City of Minneapolis Is Diminishing

Wonder how much they are paying her??

Dianne Feinstein Says China, Which Is Putting Muslims in Camps, Is ‘Growing into a Respectable Nation’

An Open Letter of Thanks from a Deplorable to Antifa and BLM

H/T: Disturbed

Twitter. An expert on everything!!!

Twitter Locks Out Emergency Room Doctor Simone Gold for Posting Non-Approved COVID-19 Information on Their Platform

2 thoughts on “Quick Bits ..

  1. GomeznSA August 8, 2020 / 9:42 pm

    Hey hey hey – they are out there – I saw a multitude of ‘military’ weapons at a gun show today. Of course nearly all of them were antiques, at least 65 years old – you know, Enfields, M1 Carbines and M1 Garands. 😉

    • MaddMedic August 9, 2020 / 6:35 am

      I bet they’re talking about those ‘evil’ black semi automatics that you own. That shoot a gazillion rounds with each trigger pull and the ‘clips’ hold endless boolits!! Plus has that shoulder thing that goes up!!!

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