Gun Bits and Stupidity…

Over the edge of sanity or to many joints..

Jamie Lee Curtis mocked mercilessly for floating ‘conspiracy’ on how President Trump might steal the election

Why is this idiot still consuming oxygen…?

Cop says protester pointed loaded rifle at him, had over 100 rounds of ammo — and one bullet in chamber


University Of Georgia Tells Students to Consider “Wearing a Face Mask” During Sex

Why one should be armed. All. The. Time.

New low: Chicago looters attacked a charity house for sick kids and their families

Animals. Sub human…

Good Gun!!

Armed Citizen Thwarts Waffle House Robbery


Or what the Biden/Harris (Joe and Hoe) Socialists campaign want if elected..


One thought on “Gun Bits and Stupidity…

  1. Glenda T. Goode August 13, 2020 / 2:11 pm

    They have referred to election years and particularly the 4 or so months before November as the Silly Season. Most definitely Jamie Leigh Curtis has reinforced that belief. Forget that the democrats tried to hijack the election of 2016 before, during and after the fact.

    These leftist protestors are a pretty naive bunch. They seem to believe they are able to intimidate and otherwise behave any way they want to without penalty. That protestor is lucky he is alive. In many jurisdictions elsewhere in the nation we would be discussing this person in the past tense as a living being. Just saying.

    Masks during sex. ummmm. NO.

    Chicago is basically a morals less city. Amoral as it were. The thugs there from the south side are basically tribal in nature and could care less about some sick kid or a place for their family to live. If it does not directly benefit them, the rioters and thugs, they could give a flying you know what. This is testament to the progressive administrations and the ongoing deterioration of communities by Chicago democrats.

    As to good guns, or come and get them……I think that it is 50 50 that we will play Cowboys and Antifa/BLM/ ‘your libereral protest group here’ after the election. Depends on two variables which are independent and yet linked. One, who wins the election. The voters will make a choice. We will see how it goes. Two, how patently obvious it is when the democrats try to steal the election. The common thread is the election. The variables are voter intent and illegal activities. We could end up in a civil war if it is as bad as to what lengths I think the democrats are willing to go.

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