Gun Bits and Ridiculous ..

Imagine that….Protecting the Hoe…

Kamala Harris’ Wikipedia Page Scrubbed, Prosecutorial Record Wiped Out

Don’t. Even. Go. There. Asswipes..

‘Give Us Your Home!’ BLM Demands Homeowners ‘Give Black People Back Their Homes’

I’ll burn it down before giving it to you bitches.

Good guns!!!!

A Tale of Two Home Invasions: One Intruder Dead, One Shot in Face

Defensive Uses of Guns in July Prove Importance of Removing Barriers to Ownership

How about you assholes go eff yourselves…

Doctors Demand Gov’t ‘Punishment’ For Americans Who Refuse COVID Vaccine

Thank you Democrats and your entitled, whiny little bitches…Antifa, BLM, etc…

With Violence And Unrest Soaring, Support For Gun Control Plummets

Strengthens Trump supporters resolve? How about it pisses us off!!

Demonizing Trump Supporters Only Strengthens Their Resolve

More Kamala Kraziness

Yeah Well what did you think would happen letting barbarians in??

Sweden: Police in area populated by Muslim migrants need police protection to get to and from work


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