The Make-Believe Postal Service Panic and the Tenth Theorem of Government

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Politicians and interest groups periodically fan the flames of temporary panic to push for misguided policy. We’ve already seen three big examples this century.

  • The so-called PATRIOT Act was enacted in the feverish aftermath of 9-11, but many of its provisions simply added bureaucracy and gave government new/expanded powers unrelated to fighting terrorism.
  • The TARP bailout allegedly was needed to save us for financial collapse, but in reality was a substitute for a policy (FDIC resolution) that would have recapitalized the banking system without bailing out Wall Street.
  • Obama’s stimulus scheme had to be enacted to supposedly save the nation from another depression, but unemployment soared beyond administration projections and cronies got rich from boondoggles.

The same thing is now happening with the Postal Service, which ostensibly is on the verge of catastrophic collapse because of an expected increase in mail-in voting and sabotage by the Trump…

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One thought on “The Make-Believe Postal Service Panic and the Tenth Theorem of Government

  1. Glenda T. Goode August 18, 2020 / 3:57 pm

    I must admit I have been incorrect in my statistics I have been quoting for the USPS in terms of mail handled per day. The total according to the source article is 142,600,000,000 pieces of mail a year. Over half of the residential mail is junk mail at 11 cents per unit. Compare that to the 55 cents we mortals pay for a first class letter. Talk about give aways…..

    Now, if you divide 142.6 Billion by 300 which is what I figure is the number of days that a post office service employee is actually delivering mail, you come up with an average of 475,000,000 pieces of mail a day. That is almost half a BILLION pieces a day. HOW on earth will 125,000,000 ballots (my guess and I am guessing high as to how many will actually be submitted) over a week or two actually effect the mail service. Let’s say over 10 figure what percentage of the total mail those ballots represent….How about 2/10ths of a percent of the total amount of mail handled in that time. Point 2 percent…….in statistics that is a rounding error.

    This crap about post office overload is bull shit. Pure Bull Shit. If that many ballots will swamp them over a few days, they USPS should be closed and first class mail be privatized. 2/10ths of a PERCENT…for 10 days……

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