Its Just A Mask Humanity? You Surrendered So Easily – Welcome To Your Enslavement Comrades!

Truth To Power

Millions Have Lost Their Jobs, Homes, Families. Thousands Have Suicided  Believing That All Hope In A Future For Themselves And Their loved Ones is Gone. If humanity Does Not Take A Stand Against This Tyranny Then That Could Well Be The Case. Our Governments Have Been Coopted By The Multinational Corporate Criminals, The Globalist Luciferian Cabal That Currently Run This World. They Are Aided And Abetted By The Mainstream Media Who Are Also Owned And Controlled By This Cabal. The Media Are Spreading Fear Propaganda And Lies In Order To Manipulate The People Into Complying With Their Insane Rules And Edicts That Have No Basis In Science. Mass Civil Disobedience Must Be Deployed Against This Insane Plan NOW!

It Is A Medical Fact That Masks Cause Hypoxia, The Blood Doesn’t Oxygenate And This Leads To Irreparable Brain Damage! – Dr John Bergman

Oh, And As A Further Incentive, There…

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