Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Spoiled, pampered, entitled little bitch…

Chelsea Clinton Lecture Us About White Privilege – Again

Unbiased, yeah, right

NPR the Not Public Radio…

A Few ‘Rona Updates

Peaceful protestors…

Seattle Antifa group arrested in Kenosha with riot gear, controlled substances

H/T: Disturbed…..

Woke Snowflakes…

Wisconsin Lutheran College Cancels Speech by Vice President Mike Pence

More ‘peaceful’ and ‘tolerant’ leftist antics..

TERROR: Leftist burns Montana family’s Trump flags as children sleep yards away: ‘Could have easily burned my house down’

Jacob Blake’s Sexual Assault Criminal Complaint Is Made Public, & It Is Graphic — Details

The lame stream media never tells the whole story…Hell they just plain say what they want and the sheeple buy it..

New Video From Before Kenosha Shooting Reveals One Detail That Could Save Teen Shooter


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