Busy, busy.

June? July? What happened to them??

August was a blur, some days I get in the office and have to check my calendar to see what type of class I am teaching.

I can somewhat see a little light, then BAM another bunch of requests come in.

Everyone trying to get their credentialing up to par..

Even getting the usual posts up here at the blog, is last minute.

And then trying to keep up with my email..Not happening so much with personal, work email keeps me hopping the way it is.

Well I’m employed, like what I do, so it’s all good.

And today I got to do a class for a group of LEOs, some I’ve taught for years, but had not seen them in a while. Was good..

Tonight though I did check a few ammo sites, ain’t much out there…Glad I am well provisioned, but now concerned about going to the range??

Replacement ammo may be iffy..

Have been in a few gun shops lately in my travels, a benefit to getting out away from the Twin Cities. But very little ammo to be found in 9mm, .38 spec, .357. Hunting calibers are out there, 7.62×39 can be found. .22 lr? Nope.

The .38 spec and .357 are not a concern as I have a nice stockpile of reloads and reloading supplies.

Long guns are okay, did a major reload for a couple of them this past spring while I was ‘off’ due to COVID.

But I think it will be a while before we see much, or prices come down on what we can find.

But again, I am pretty well provisioned, if I behave and ration my range time and outings…


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