Gun Bits and Ridiculous…

When you elect idiots, expect idiocy..

City Council Now Perplexed By Seeing Crime Spike After Voting to Defund the Police…

It takes a special kind of stupid ignorant to call for defunding the police. Then again, when dealing with liberals, nothing is off the table.

Virus Boy ..

Huge Anti-Bill Gates Mural Appears in Melbourne as Crowds Chant ‘Arrest Bill Gates’ at Protests

Gates has been  virus for years..

And the dead shall vote..Democrat I bet!!

More Than 349,000 Dead Registrants Remain on Voter Rolls, Report Finds

New Ad Created by “Normal” Democrats

Damn their dumb or crooked assholes in Michigan..

Sabotage Or Mistake? Michigan Ballots ‘Invalid’, Replaced VP Pence With ‘Spike Cohen’ Featured

FasistBook…Fuckerberg just another Globalist looking to control the masses…

Facebook Protects Leftist Arsonists Starting Wildfires, Promotes Global Warming Propaganda

A Warning to Those That Want to Control Us

It’s called CHOICE!

Kroger Fires Christian Employees Who Refused to Wear LGBT Rainbow, U.S. Suit Says

We all have it. It’s abused when you try to force your CHOICES on others….

So what you did is wrong!!

Lying Media…

H/T: ZendoDeb


2 thoughts on “Gun Bits and Ridiculous…

  1. kamas716 September 17, 2020 / 4:59 pm

    WEIRD that a pro-Biden story has a photo of a bunch of people with I ♥ Trump and Make America Great, etc.

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