Gun Bits and Ridiculous…

If you force me to raise a ‘fist’ it will be a right uppercut to your frigging jaw..

Giffords’ Corporate ‘Outreach’ Equivalent of BLM Mobs Forcing Diners to Raise Fists

Annoying little shit..

Bloomberg and His Billions Just Won’t Go Away

Trust Biden??

That would be stupid..

Why Biden Can’t Be Trusted To Stop At “Assault Rifles”

Yes. Hard…

 Punch back twice a thousand times as hard

You threaten to riot? You threaten to shut it all down? You show up at McConnell’s house to protest the very night RBG dies? Fine. Do that and I’ll advocate for hardball to be played right back with the ball to be hit directly into your face. You want it, you got it.

Good read…

With a Gun To Your Head: The Larry Goldstein Incident

What the Sanctuary Movement Means for the 2nd Amendment

Deceptive? Lying !!!

Media Uses Deceptive Headlines to Get Clicks

The tolerant left..

 ‘Disgusting Attacks On Her Faith’: Sasse Condemns ‘Anti-Catholic Bigotry’ Against Amy Coney Barrett

Condemn all you want. It is what it is…

Democrats Pass Resolution Condemning Terms Such As “Chinese Virus” And “Wuhan Virus”

In other words, fraud, deception and illegal activities to steal the election..

Facebook, Google Partner with Far-Left Radical Org for 2020 Election Strategy


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