Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Biden Told Voters Second Amendment DOES NOT Protect Individual Right

Not your not. Your a closet liberal!!

‘Republican Voters Against Trump’ Long on Smears, Short on Transparency

Huh? Armed Black Militia Are Apparently OK, But Armed White Militias Are ‘Scary’

Apparently it is ok for armed people of color to completely take over the streets of Minneapolis, but armed white people are considered alarming.


Trust government to protect you? You did not pay attention in History classes, or the government run schools failed you..

Gun Control Puts Your Life at Risk

In the 20th century, far more people were murdered by genocidal governments than by armed criminals.

The Leftist children having another toddler tantrum..


“ ‘As worrisome as this conservative court is for progressives right now, it can get a whole lot worse if Trump gets the chance to nominate another justice,’ said Brian Fallon, the head of Demand Justice, a liberal group. ‘Justice Ginsburg’s resilience is utterly remarkable, but hoping for her continued good health is not a sufficient strategy for Democrats. We need to rally around the Supreme Court as an issue and win this election.’”

Demand Justice, in concert with several other leading liberal groups, recently began a $2 million advertising campaign in key presidential election states trying to persuade voters that the direction of the court will be set for decades in the coming election.” Citation from a New York Times article, published on July 17, 2020, titled, “Ginsburg Says Her Cancer Has Returned, but She’s ‘Fully Able’ to Remain on Court.”  

RBG Outrage Proceeds at a Brisk Pace

Tim Walz…Hypocrite and asshole..

Walz Attends RBG Vigil with ‘Several Hundred’ After Telling Trump, Biden to Limit Events to 250 People

But NO ONE will be exposed to the ChinaVirus..

JUSTICE !! Dumbshit …

TDS: Triggered Biden supporter upon seeing a MAGA rally

And this will change anything???

Canadian Gun Owners Reject Trudeau’s Gun Ban: Anti-Ban Petition Sets Record, Gathers Over 230,000 Signatures

Unelect the politicians that brought you the Gun Control…


One thought on “Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

  1. kamas716 September 23, 2020 / 4:42 pm

    Those officers are probably wondering if they have enough cites in their ticket book for that lady. (Or paper in the printer)

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