Trump’s SCOTUS pick: gambit or master stroke?


It is possible that Biden lost the election when he pandered to the far Left of his party (the “progressives”) and endorsed a platform that included all of Bernie Sanders’ pet projects.  This has driven millions of independents towards Trump.  With many states moving to mail ballots out to every name on their voting rolls, including many who are now dead, it appears that the aim is to not only distort the true results in the vote for President, but also for the Democrats to achieve sizeable majorities in both houses of Congress and seize control of some state legislatures around the country.  Oh, the perils of one party rule!  But, for now, let us consider some possible effects of Trump’s selection of Judge Barrett for the Supreme Court.

Bear in mind, that the fight over this nomination is not ultimately about Roe v. Wade.  If over turned, the issue…

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