Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Demo Rat fail…

Police Officer Is Viciously Beaten Trying to Make Arrest, Man Films & Laughs…

This is the Left in action. This is the result of Demo Rat policies and encouraging violence…

This is war..

My bet is the Left wonders why?? See above!!

Study: New Gun Ownership Is Soaring In One Of The Bluest States In The U.S.

Pay attention. Or learn Chinese..

China “Pwns” Us: How the Chinese Are Buying Up America

The Left is having a spittle spewing fit over this…


What Comes After

What’s coming if Joe and the Ho win..

Biden-Harris Team Wants to Repeal Protective Laws, Destroy Gun Industry

The ATF. The Government entity that should not exist…

ATF Threatens to Prosecute Out-Of-Business Gun Dealers Who Comply with the Law

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/// ATF is a Bracist. /// #freethehoneybadger

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Leaks Show Multiple Companies Targeted Over Pistol Braces & History of ATF Hostility

But it’s okay. It’s blessed by the Demo Rat politicians..

Looting – a Baker’s Dozen thoughts ™


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