Ridiculous ….

Liberals are pretty much confused…

Liberals Are Confused About the Definition of “Coyote”

While you might classify the people smuggling illegals over the border as animals, there is technically a difference. If You Don’t Know That ‘Coyotes’ Are Human Smugglers, Shut Up About The Border Not only do the ACLU, Biden and others have some confusion about the term “coyote,” they are also lying about a certain lawsuit. The report claims that “the parents of 545 children still can’t be found,


Name calling, is what the Biden does best..

Corrupt Joe Biden Calls Americans Who Don’t Support Him “CHUMPS”

The jackwagon is good at being divisive…

Hey Slow Joe…The Tyrant in you is coming out…

Biden Vows To Mandate Masks in ‘All Interstate Transportation’

What?? CNN??? Impossible!!

This ranks high on the stupid level…

Chelsea Handler: “I had to remind” 50 Cent he was black, so “he can’t vote for Trump”

Pay attention. The American Left wants to control everything you say and do. Like Communists…Or NAZIs.

So many people are ignoring the left’s glaring authoritarian impulse


– CDC Report Indicates Masks May Increase Chance of Infection with COVID or Other Respiratory Illnesses 

Stuff it…

– University of Minnesota Lecture Features 12 Step Recovery Program for Whiteness 

Shut up!!

– Klobuchar Says Senate Should be Working on Stimulus, but Voted Against COVID-19 Relief Last Month 

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