Ridiculous and Some Gun Bits ….

You really believe that if this corrupt, demented old man is going to stay in office as President for long?

DEMENTED JOE BIDEN SAVED BY THE STAFF: Biden Struggles to Answer Questions, Trails Off as Campaign Ushers Him Away

Nope. Think KamalHo…

Joe Biden calls himself “Kamala’s running mate” at Georgia campaign stop

What the hell is it with Demo Rat Governors????


Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Wolf Calls Mass Rioting and Looting “Peaceful Protests” — 30 Stores Looted, Reporters and Police Attacked on Night #2

Looks peaceful….

OMG: PHOTOS Of The Aftermath Of Widespread Looting In Philadelphia By Pro-Biden/BLM/Antifa

And will Cuomo be exposed? Or will the Swamp save his ass?

Justice Department Zeroes In On Cuomo’s COVID Cover-Up

And another Demo Rat …

Dem Governor Fines County For Allowing Trump Rally, County Residents Strike Back, Pay Fine Via GoFundMe


Morning Mask Humor

HT: Disturbed..

If your still undecided between Socialism (Biden) and Freedom (Trump)..There is no hope for you..

Undecided? Five Reasons…

When will it end??? The violence?

It’s Not Over Yet

This is so true…Education, Government run, has failed the American students and their families…

Problematic Women: Left’s Woke Education and Social Policies Are Scary

Those of us that work in prehospital realize the need for self defense, we have seen how the mundane can turn to shit in a heartbeat…

Healthcare Workers Embrace 2A During Pandemic


Looking at the full wording of the American second amendment of the constitution, can it be argued that the original intent was for the national guardsmen to carry weapons and not all individuals?

How do you spell hypocrite? Twitter of course….

Twitter CEO defends censoring Trump while permitting Holocaust denial, Iranian ayatollah’s calls for violence


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