Jack and Twitter Take $756 Million Hit to Net Worth Following Company’s Silencing of Conservative Voices — Charles V. Payne Weighs In

Nwo Report

On Friday Twitter stock took a 20 percent hit in net worth.
The stock went from a high at 52.66 per share to 42.26 in the past 24 hours.

Twitter company announced Thursday itadded fewer usersthan expected and admitted its rise in expenses would accelerate in the fourth quarter.
The company has also been busy censoring conservatives and blocking unapproved facts on the coronavirus and other sensitive topics.

Twitter evensuspended the US Border Patrol Chief’s accountafter he posted a factual statement on the Trump border wall.

And Twitter regularly censors President Donald Trump’s account.

Twitter does not believe in free speech. Twitter believes in controlled and approved speech.

In reaction to the news today, market analyst and author Charles V. Payne weighed in.

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