Ridiculous…And Maybe Some Gun Bits …

Some crazy crap going on folks. And with the election fast approaching, wondering if I am prepared enough. My Most Dearest and Boys know I am a bit anal whenever we go on a trip or vacation, prepared for any eventuality. So you can imagine what the homestead is prepared for. Even on my daily commute, 50 miles both ways into the Twin Cities I am prepared, I hope. When I look at the ‘experts’ on what I need, and I can check everything off their ‘Lists’…

High Noon in America: Will You Fight or Hide?

I won’t look for a fight…But if it comes to me….

A number of good articles here…I had lost track of WRSA

But thanks to The Tactical Hermit…I’ve found them again!!!

Disturbed Deputy is on a roll today…

The Darkest Winter

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Save The Republic: Remember the Past




Facebook Election Bots raising the stupid level


NO SURPRISE: The five deadliest COVID districts in the U.S. are ‘represented’ by Democrats… and AOC’s is the WORST


But you? Yes!!

‘When You Were In High School Wouldn’t You Have Liked to Take A Shot At Trump?’ Biden Asks

Nothing to see here…

EXCLUSIVE: National security nightmare of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop containing phone numbers for the Clintons, Secret Service officers and most of the Obama cabinet plus his sex and drug addictions – all secured by the password Hunter02

Pandemics, Protests, and Firearms Purchasing in 2020


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