Ridiculous…Election Madness..

No comments tonight…Just linkage, tired, angry, etc..

THIS Senile Guy Could Still Be President: A Man Who Introduces His Granddaughter As His DEAD Son

Biden Fix Kicks In

Joe Biden Just Reminded People Again of The Constitutional Right He will SMASH if Elected

Dead Registered Democrats Caught Voting In New York City, Election Records Show

(UPDATE: Mistake Points to Data Error) Very Odd: Michigan Found Over 100,000 Ballots and Every Single One Has Joe Biden’s Name on It

More Funny Numbers: Michigan County Clerk Admits ‘Skewed’ Election Numbers In Very Red County Awarded to Biden

Interpreting the Election Results

And All The Devils Are Here

Hey, Democrats . . . How Is All of This Working Out for You?


3 thoughts on “Ridiculous…Election Madness..

  1. kamas716 November 4, 2020 / 10:59 pm

    “we fat fingered it. it was supposed to be 13,800 votes for Biden, not 138,000.”

    -that still doesn’t explain the statistical impossibility of every single one of them being for one candidate.

    • MaddMedic November 5, 2020 / 6:27 am

      The corruption and fraud is so obvious, maybe so much it is accepted as normal, anything goes to get your candidate elected..

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