Quick Bits …..

First off. AOC. Worthless..

And Omar is no better then AOC, worse, a lot worse..

Lock Her Up: Ilhan Omar Paid Husband’s Firm $1Million While Also Directing Covid Relief To Him

And again the World’s leading expert on viruses…Been producing them for years…Called Windows..

Bill Gates and the Depopulation Agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior Calls for an Investigation

He will set them free!! To destroy America…Good luck with that!!!

Why so many Muslims can’t wait for Biden to get inaugurated

TANJ: There ain’t NO justice

There is. But only justice that benefits them, not you..

Which they have done well, while parents went about their busy lives….

“Learned Victimhood”: A Consequence of The Left’s Indoctrination


Those Peaceful Leftists

How the Democrats and the media are telling you Trump won.

You expect truth???

Paper Falsely ‘Reports’ Gun Advocate Diminished Importance of Lives Lost to Suicide

Gun Control Humor

You think??

Permanent Damage: Democrats Using National Lockdowns To Intentionally Alter Economy

Elites….No rules for them, only you peons…

‘A Slap In My Face’: LA Bar Owner Livid After City Lets Hollywood Studio Set Up Dining Tents

Another Layer of the Fraud Onion

Not sure how many read David Weber and his Honor Harrington series and spin off books. But throughout there is an Organization bent on controlling all and using the layers of an onion is a common reference for them to protect what they are trying to accomplish…(I’ve read all of them!! And may go through them again this winter!!)


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