Quick Bits … Minnesota Bits…

COVID-19 Lockdowns: Liberty and Science

When you speak out…

Doctor Has License Yanked After Saying This About the Coronavirus

Good question, the GOP has turned from spineless to in vertebrates, scum, so how do we get our Conservative voices heard?

The Soap Box has been taken from us, see big tech and so called left schilling Media, the ballot box appears to have been stolen, see Dominion, dead voters, more votes then registered voters, as for the Jury Box, not much there for us either…..Which leaves us…The cartridge box..

Who Will Represent Us Going Forward?

H/T: The Hermit..

When the Fight Comes To You: Why the Pump Is Primed For a Rural Conflict, by NC Scout

Pretty much..

Tim Walz’s policies killing Minnesotans

At tense St. Paul protest, Antifa carries sign telling Trump supporters to kill themselves 

This should have happened in St. Paul…


But wait….

The People’s House? Months after riots, Minnesota Capitol still fenced in

Politicians are not essential……

GOP reps slam party’s ‘self-interested’ leaders who want vaccine priority 

Killing  businesses and destroying lives…It’s the Walz Way …

Larvita Mcfarquar Gets Her License Taken Away

Twitter, this is contemptible….

Twitter now labeling “sending prayers” animated GIFs as “potentially sensitive content”


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