Quick Bits …

Poor victim my ass. Leftists so happy to threaten and attack Conservatives through their through their lapdog media and physically with their army of Antifa and BLM thugs.

Then whimper and cry when a brutal dog or dogs are put down..

Another poor victim of Trump’s (insert derogatory adjective here)

The other Federal execution has the UN protesting.

You will be marked…

Report: App Will Implement Vaccination Status; Allow Bars, Restaurants To Identify The Unvaccinated

We’ll see…

Is The Globalist “Reset” Failing? The Elites May Have Overplayed Their Hand

Slow Joe will probably get a Nobel Peace, another pointless participation trophy such as this..

Time magazine names Biden, Harris its Person of the Year in profile fiercely critical of Trump


Judge Tosses Prosecutor From McCloskey Gun Case

Shut up bitch!!!

Melinda Gates Is ‘Incredibly Disappointed’ That Americans Will Get the Vaccine First

Not that I have any intention of having this crap put in ,y body…I just can’t stand anything about Bill ‘The Virus King’ and his wife…

Thanks Timmy!!

Tim Walz kills another business

More Timmy!!

From Alpha News – Reporting the news…

East Grand Forks restaurant reopens, calls Walz actions ‘slap in the face’

“He will just continue to put us under his thumb. It’s almost a slap in the face,” Moss said of the governor’s actions.

From the Red Start and Tribune – Reporting what their Leftist controllers want..

East Grand Forks bar defies cease-and-desist letter from Minnesota Health Department

“Great place to dine and die!” wrote Christine Rosman Davis.

Typical comment from a mentally challenge leftist.

Nothing to see here..No cover up going on..

SOS blocks forensic analysis of the 22 dominion machines in MI

The District of Corruption Has Overplayed Its Hand

The truth is that Americans are mad, and they should be.  They have put up with four years of fake Russian collusion hoaxes and fake impeachments and fake judges using their powers to hamstring lawful executive orders from President Trump.  They have watched the CIA abuse its powers to spy on a Republican political campaign and the FBI abuse its powers to punish political allies of the president……


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