2021: The Gift That Just Keeps on Giving

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The COVID vaccine (safe or not) is being pumped into Americans coast to coast at a record pace, yet we’re still being told we must wear two masks (maybe three?) and stay 6 feet apart, possibly forever, even if you get the vaccine. Today, China Joe is threatening domestic travel bans between States, yes you read that right. The Country formerly known as the land of the free, now run by totalitarian leftists, may force you to produce your vaccination papers to travel outside your own State. Sound familiar? Your papers please! (spoken with a bad German accent of course.) PS It’s now OK to travel to the US from terrorist sponsoring countries, but not from Florida. Welcome to O’Biden land, roll up your sleeve and wait till you’re called.

The Regime is attacking individual freedoms from every angle while attempting to prop up a lockdown crippled economy through smoke…

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One thought on “2021: The Gift That Just Keeps on Giving

  1. Glenda T. Goode February 12, 2021 / 9:42 am

    The writing was on the wall back in 2017 when Trump was sworn in that we would be heading into a crisis. The left claimed Trump was the crisis while we on the right knew that the pendulum of the left would be swinging back with a vengeance once they have eliminated Trump.

    Part of what we are seeing is payback for daring elect an outsider who saw the corruption in DC and tried to eliminate it. Part of it is the continuation of Barky’s socialism for Amerika that we knew back in 2009 would destroy our nation eventually.

    Much like a tower built of sticks and spit it all has to fall down eventually. As a matter of fact, the left wants it to fall down. They also will be making their best effort to completely re-write our Constitution and laws when it comes to pass. I am speaking of the financial collapse that is imminent.

    In order to implement their drastic changes they, the left and the deep state, cannot have any viable opposition. This is why the big push for drastic and draconian gun laws is afoot. A well armed Militia is a viable opponent and we are the enemy in the left’s eyes.

    The big push in DC for the last 50 years or so to nudge more and more people into depending on the government for more and more of their needs is not a mistake or abuse of such programs. It is a requisite that can be exploited by the left in their plans to as I quote Barky “Fundamentally Change America” from who were set out to be by our founders into a nation more like the great socialist empires of our day such as China and Europe for the most part.

    The one thing I have learned about pending disasters is that they are like dentist appointments. The sooner you get them over with the better.

    Let the system collapse. Let the dollar shrink. I would rather get to the point where we start fighting in earnest over which America will prevail than to sit here and listen to the constant lying and deceit of the crop of politicians in DC and other places who are telling us we are all terrorists because we back Trump.

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