Biden….Confused..Puppet …

By everything apparently..

In case you missed it, Joe “Captain Demento” Biden threw his spokesperson under the bus.

The pathological liar with dementia wants us to believe him over his self-appointed spokesperson?


Leftists repeatedly try to make Captain Joe Demento relevant, but the public isn’t buying it.



2 thoughts on “Biden….Confused..Puppet …

  1. Glenda T. Goode February 23, 2021 / 12:36 pm

    They will continue the charade that Biden is ‘president’ until he cannot be controlled at all. Even a person with moderate dementia can be controlled to an extent. When it becomes impossible to put Joe on display or to have him do anything that remotely reflects the actions of a president they will announce he has had ‘an incident’ of some medical sort. A mild stroke or some other issue and that upon the advice of his medical staff, Biden will resign as president on such and such date.

    This is how they managed to get through the election and as obvious as it is that Biden is a mere puppet compared to his actions and statements of a few years ago, it is the narrative that must be supported until the time is right. Biden gets much less resistance than Kamela will once she assumes the throne.

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