What is the Next Big Surprise?

What is the Next Big Surprise?

9/11 was our last big surprise and we had the wherewithal to answer the challenge.  But what about the next big surprise?

What about now?  If we were attacked by Iran or if the Taliban staged a major attack in Afghanistan would Americans come rallying around and enlist to do their part.  I don’t think they would.  The feminized millennial males would just mumble something about Gaia under their breath and go back to drinking their soy lattes.  If Joe Biden got on tv and begged the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to support him in a new emergency I think they’d throw a lamp through the screen.   This government and the media have vilified the flag and the national anthem and the soldiers they stand for.  They’ve told us that what we stand for is racism and hate.  Well, then let Joe Biden get Antifa and BLM to fight his wars.  The rest of us should take a knee.

One thought on “What is the Next Big Surprise?

  1. Glenda T. Goode April 9, 2021 / 10:10 am

    We need to not look outside our borders for the next antagonist who will assault the American people. It will be from within. In the interim since 9-11 the enemy we face has infiltrated our society and resides firmly in the party known as the democrats and as a bonus they have also co-opted a large portion of the republican party as well.

    The attacks have begun already. As Americans, real true red blooded flag loving Americans, are law abiding by nature we have been assailed with edict upon edict from the cabal that was formerly known as a freedom loving congress along with their allies in the deep state. They declare some of our rights null and void at the stroke of a pen. We either comply or resist but with legal recourse only. They are controlling the game at present so we have not only been assaulted but I can add we have essentially lost some of our freedoms in the process.

    The coming surprise will be when the government cabal feeling high on their illegitimately obtained power will begin to enforce their draconian will upon the remaining true Americans who represent the last stumbling block to their complete take over of our nation. The cabal will choose a rally or other even to swoop in and attempt to corral the lot all in the name of society and the safety of ‘fellow americans’ and I use the lower case ‘a’ on purpose as they people are americans in name only.

    Shots will be fired and outrage will be expressed with the syncophant media echoing the deep state mantra of ban all guns and arrest all gun owners for the ‘public good’ after all these people are insurrectionists.

    Don’t look outside our borders for our next enemy attack. It will come from within….

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