2 thoughts on “Woke… The New State Religion ..

  1. Glenda T. Goode May 12, 2021 / 11:58 am

    ‘WOKE’ ‘Socialism’ ‘Communism’ whatever you call if a movement is an idea coupled with people pushing it as policy. Call it woke. Call it whatever you want. Does not matter.

    When one side embraces an idea or ‘ideology’ it does so with the purpose of pushing that concept into action across society. Economic frugality is an idea. America First is an idea. Reparations is an idea. None of this is controversial at least until a party decides to use their idea to eliminate the other opposing ideas.

    War is the ultimate political theater. War happens when compromise ends. War happens when tolerance ends. War happens when zealots refuse to soften their positions.

    The Civil War was the result of the debate over slavery. The Revolutionary war was the result of unfair taxation and regulations by England upon the colonies. In these cases no compromise was possible due to the decisions of one or both parties.

    Are the ‘Wokesters’ willing to take us into a war? In a lot of ways I tend to think they will try to provoke a reaction to their rhetoric. I do not think that other than a portion of their faithful most do not have the stomach for violence if it were to be committed by or on themselves. Then again, a lot of wars have started over the actions of a very few.

    I would also offer that while most on the deplorable nation side speak in very direct and forceful terms, not all are up to the task of entering a violent confrontation. Talk is cheap. Blood is eternal. The price of conflict will be measured in lives lost; not arguments. It is a heavy undertaking and some on the right may talk up to the brink but walk away when it is time to load aim and fire.

    While this debate may lead to war, the outcome of any potential conflict remains well up in the air. The lack of a titular leader. The lack of a unified organization. The lack of a plan that includes an end game means that it is all still just talk. Never mind that these last 3 items are treasonous in nature depending on your point of view and the side you are on.

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